Mayan Style

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My inspiration for this typeface originated when I was walking around the Nelson museum looking at early Mayan pottery. I found the hieroglyphics to be very interesting in their shape and use of line. I thought this would make a great font. I have chosen to work with the earlier style of Mayan hieroglyphics instead of the later style which is more decorative.

I am still continuing to work on this font so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Megan
Mayan Typeface

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That's kind of cool! A good start. My first thought is, maybe you need to have less differentiation between the cartouches (sp?) than you have now.

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I think you could have less diferentiation as well, but not tho the point where it loses its playfulness.

i 'd like to see more glyphs out of their box that some have.

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