FontForge TTF to MS Word Trouble

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I have a rather frustrating issue with a font I've built using FontForge. It's a family of zero-width fonts used to create fingering diagrams for woodwind instruments. Everything works great in Mac and most Windows applications. (Wordpad doesn't play nice with zero-width fonts and I've decided not to worry about it.)

The issue comes with MS Word. In short, the font installs fine and shows up in the font menu but takes on the appearance of the font immediately above it in the menu. I've tracked the issue down to one character: U+2211 "summation". If I delete this character or rename it to U+03A3 "Sigma" the font works as intended. However, if I rename it to "Sigma" it is no longer easily accessible using opt+w on Mac. I'd prefer not to have two separate fonts, one for Mac and one for Windows.

I've loaded several other fonts that I know work in MS Word and checked the "Glyph Info" panel for "summation" and can't see any obvious differences. If anyone has run across this issue (or something similar) before and can point me in the right connection please let me know.


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Does it help any to leave it as 'Sigma' and give it U+2211 as an alternate?

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Thanks! That seems to have done the trick though I would still be very interested to know why MS Word won't use my fonts with U+2211 but will use other fonts with U+2211.

Thanks again!

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Now there I haven't got even an inkling of a clue.

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