LONE WOLF - biker style display font - FONT ID

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Looking for an ID on the font used on this patch. Looks like a popular font used by bikers (Hells Angels, etc) on jackets and patches.

Any help would be greatly apprecaited.
Many thanks in advance,

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Subject discussed in previous thread
AFAIK there is no current design patent on the design.
In sum the lettering is a pretty generic rendition of some 19th century "Tuscan" designs with "median spurs" -- the pointy bulges on the sides of the vertical strokes. Google Tuscan and you will find plenty from which to choose.
Discussion of another spurred font for jackets

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It's close but this one is not the same as the one for the Hells Angels. It's Bosox by Lee Gordon, most probably a digitization attempt of MLB Boston Red Sox jersey font.

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fantastic guys thanks so much!

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