A Traveling Printshop

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My latest typographical endavour: a traveling printshop

The idea of a small traveling printshop came from fascination with the old tramp printers, traveling carnivals, barrel organ players, fairground puppeteers. I have taken my little Sigwalt Chicago #9 to a few events, to illustrate the history and process of letterpress printing, and decided that an insular, portable outfit would not hurt.

An old machinist’s toolbox became the basis of this project. Plywood, brass fasteners, and a trusty dremel gave the press and it’s trimmings a safe and comfortable habitat.

Chalboard Sign:

Printshop Photos:

Construction Plans:

Currently, the box is housing Sigwalt Chicago #9, an 8pt Roman №801 all-caps font, silver and bronze powder, boxed roller, a tube of black ink, some spaces, furniture, a granite imposing stone, kerosene bottle (for washup), machine oil and a rolled up shop rag.

Still missing: more restrains for the cast-iron press, and a place to hide a flask of good bourbon.

Tramping in style!

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Very cool!

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Very nice!

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