2014 Typographic Wall Calendar - made of 2014 keyboard keys. Happy New Year

Dear fellow Typophiles,
I thought this would be the right place to share my latest work.
A calendar made of two thousand and fourteen keyboard keys.

To upfront the production costs I did a Kickstarter campaign with an explanatory video that can be seen here:

Horray! The campaign was funded successfully on 31. Dec 2013.
The print size is A0 (84cm x 118,8cm) and reproduces the composition in its original size.
Now it is available through my website:

Since you are all contributing to this wonderful forum that I find it often very helpful ( & sometimes entertaining) to read in, I would like to make you a offer:

Order one signed Print (25€) and I will send you additional four prints for free (a total of five) - and 14 Typographic Postcards (see pictures below)!

Simply drop me a line after you have placed your order - I will then add the extra copies and postcards.

Before you ask: Yes the shipping is super expensive. The shipping is so expensive for a reason: the poster is rolled in placed in a poster tube(expensive) and simply very long (112cm) — to ship something that big is expensive.

This is what the print looks like:

I hope you enjoy the work.
Typographic or non-typographic feedback either directly or through mail is welcome.
Spreading the word is appreciated.

Yours Sincerely & HAPPY NEW YEAR!,
Harald Geisler

Here are the Postcards (in total there are 14 motives included in the set - all reproduce the keys in their original size):

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Oh!, I love this, great work!

Harald Geisler's picture

@noisiak …Thanks!

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