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A quick font I did last night..
I have an interview at an art school tomorrow, so I thought it might be nice to do a last minute font to show them..
It's the second 'font' I've ever done, so all comments are very welcome.
(Note the missing v, crappy w, m, t and z.. :-) )


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It looks like the x-height is off between the top and bottom lines (note the e, f, and h compared to the p and r). The J is hard to read, also. Overall, it looks like a twist of computer age with something out of the 70's, which is quite nice.

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I'd like to see more irregularity in the height. Make it more eccentric!

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Thanks for the comments..

John, I might do a more eccentric varation of the font. Actually I kinda like the slight quirkiness of it at the moment.. Don't want to overdo it.

The interview went well, and I've been invited to the entrance exams.. Which is good! Wish me luck

I showed a bit of an updated version of the font with some very small alterations such as the x-height adjustments for the e, f and h.

here it is:

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I'll give it a try.. got the final interview at the artschool coming up next thursday..

Moloko is milk in russian, yep! Actually most of the Nadsat street language in A Clockwork Orange is based on Russian words..

I'm also working on another font at the moment..
But it's all over the place still.. All comments are welcome.. (is it any good at all? i.e. worth showing at my interview?)

Here's a screenshot:


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I think the shifty baseline on the g and y don't help this.
Unless you do as John suggests and make it more eccentric.

By the way, Moloko means milk, in Russian. Say it with me,
"Vas moloko?"

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