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I'm writing to ask for a little help. I know I'm a first time poster but any pointers would be hugely helpful and much appreciated.

I've just started working for a film director. We're currently putting together the poster for a film that's just been completed and he asked me to do research into gothic fonts.

This research landed on the Sonatine font -

This is the now the favoured direction, but I've started to come up against a brick wall looking for variants.

Unfortunately I used up all my researching option getting to Sonatine and haven't now got many idea's on where or how or what variants on the font might be out there.

I was hoping that some people with more font knowledge than me might be able to help a bit, and it really would be amazing if any one reading this might know of any other fonts a bit like Sonatine (american text) or anywhere which might be good place to start looking.

As I've been through myfonts, font shop etc looking my only real ideas now are to go to book shops and look for 70/80's fiction and see if they might have any futuristic/gothic fonts which might work for the film.

So really if anyone know of any fonts like Sonatine that would incredible and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Many Thanks,


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It looks like American Text, designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1932.
Here are a few links that might be useful to you:
American Text at
American Text at
American Text at

MyFonts has a handy link that shows you fonts that are similar to the one you are examining:
More Fonts Like American Text

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Hi, thanks John - but unfortunately I did actually know it was american text, I was kinda just looking for pointers to similar fonts - or something a bit off piste or interestingly linked.

it's probably a bit unlikely to find something I guess

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I'm stuck on names, but I recall one drawn in octants (whole multiples of 45° angles).

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FYI, the typography term for the general style is "blackletter" ("gothic" has other meanings). Mind you, this is a sort of simplified blackletter, not a common form of the style.

Do a search on and use "simple blackletter" and "clean blackletter" and you get quite a few alternatives. Most of these seem plausible:

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For some more ideas try a search for jackboot:

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Found it in the end. The one I was thinking of is named Black Forest. Spotted on Dafont; seems to be quite old (1991 at the latest).

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Underware’s Fraktur is a nice modern take on the style

Or you might enjoy Rian Hughes’ Gargoyle


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