L'Arte dei rumori

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I am interested in any suggestions that may help in identifying the name of the typeface used for the title of the futurist manifesto 'L'Arte dei rumori' (English translation: The Art of Noise) in the image below.

A pdf of a translated version of the text originally published in 1967 as a Great Bear Pamphlet by Something Else Press is available online: http://www.artype.de/Sammlung/pdf/russolo_noise.pdf

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Don't know this one. Here are some I encountered with during my search, nothing really close unfortunately: Britannic, Globe Gothic LTC, Emerge

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Thank you Ryuk. Finding it difficult to pin down. From initial observations and discussions with other folk, I'm wondering if it's a woodblock print due to irregularities in the repeated letters. If so, perhaps it was a one-off interpretation of an existing type?

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