Wierdly broken font

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At work we recently updated all our computers (PC) to Windows 7. I use Illustrator most of the day, but I've noticed that one font, Helvetica, now exists as two fonts. It is split into "Helvetica" which has book, italic, and bold italic, and a completely separate font called "Helvetica Bold". Some days they remarry and become one font with 4 flavors, but then later they break apart again and "Helvetica Bold" boldly stands alone.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this, and what can be done... I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the font but that hasn't helped. Ordinarily I'd just ignore it, but because this is everyone's favorite font, it's is particularly irritating that Bold doesn't want to stay with the family any more.

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You may have more than one copy of the Bold font in different locations. Do you use a font manager to activate fonts or do you just install them into the System?

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