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I'm working on a project that requires a typeface like the "500" in this example. Its usage will be more for letters than numerals but this sample here really captures the essence of what I'm looking for. Modern meets athletic.

I ask all of you great wizards and gurus here for help identifying this font or pointing me to something close.

The Under Armour typeface is another example of what I feel is modern meets athletic and what I'm looking for, although the style of the "500" is closer to what I need.

All recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Gratitude in advance.

Spartan Font, custom
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ITC Machine is pretty close
but it does not have the blackletter style angled terminations to vertical strokes where they meet the top horizontal.
I seem to recall seeing such a font recently but, unfortunately have not been able to find it again.

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500 (from the Michigan Spartans University): see here for a previous discussion on this topic (confirming Machine ITC). More alternatives: Hoboken Sans, Masheen, Base Runner, Octin College, Superstar, NYC
UNDER ARMOUR: to me that looks to be based on Eurostile Extended/Microgramma. Alternatives: Eurostile Candy, Alban (another rounded Eurostile), Reversal (another Eurostile clone), Saturn (one more Eurostile), Reaction, Phantom, Stak, Geometry Soft Pro Light C, Miedinger, Phat

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Thank you Don, I really appreciate your input.

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Thank you Ryuk for the very helpful reply.

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You're welcome Alexander.
Here's one with a good lower case.

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