Similar type to Nofret Light

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Does anyone have any suggestions to type similar to Nofret Light? You can see it being used here Graf Von Faber Castell, although I can not find a similar web font for the life of me. The web font is listed as 'GVFC light' so I couldn't find it that way either.


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Um, similar in what ways? In other words, why not just use Nofret light, which is easy to find with a simple Google search?

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I would use Nofret, unfortunately it is not a web font. I was hoping to find some similar typefaces and then figure out if they offered a web font.

Actually, I couldn't find any useful information on google. I even used and identify tools, but didn't come up with anything helpful. Hence, here I am.

Here is what I found on google below. Don't worry, I am actually trying to find the answer myself and not just coming straight here. My main goal was to find some individuals who are more knowledgeable regarding type then myself. I love it, but still have a lot to learn.

Google search

Again I tested other key words to find stuff, but surprisingly I didn't not find much help.

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Maybe someone can give you better information -- I'm not a web guy -- but in the meantime, try this

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Thanks Charles-I'll check it out

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Diotima is another Gudrun Zapf von Hesse font that shares many characteristics.


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