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Do anyone know which font is used in the WWF logo? My guess would be Clarice Black but I am not sure.

Can anyone make me wiser? :)

Thx :D

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Larger image:

Not Clarice Black and probably a custom design.
The base letters may have been derived from a font like Radiant Black
or Castle Ultra
using overlapping Vs to make a W with the center strokes meeting in a "T" to the left, and rounding the corners of the Ws and F to make soft and "friendly" letters.

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Hi damn1990,
Definitely not Clarice Black and Don's probably right about it being a custom logotype (registered ®), but pretty simple though - all straight lines and circles.
There is some info and a video about the WWF logo and it's development here:

I also noticed your other request regarding other "WWF lungs typo" info, so I feel I should refer you to the info available from their website in respect of using site content. This is the legal bit, I guess!

Hope this helps

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Can't say exactly why but looks like somebody played with Peignot and the more I look at it the more I think it's a manually rounded version of it (which to me looks very bad)...

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