A 3 day crash course in type design is coming to SF, CA: Crafting Type Jan 10-12

A 3 day long weekend crash course in type design is coming to SF, CA - Crafting Type Jan 10-12. It will be held at FontShop in the North Beach area. The class is geared to total beginners but people who have had a bit of experience and want to work on specific aspects of their design process are encouraged to come as well.

The idea behind the course is to either
- give you a running start in type design so you have resources and insights needed to keep going or
- give a typographer or any user of type insights into using type that can only come from making some

It is hard work because it is all day (9-6) for 3 days but it is also hugely fun. Students are routinely amazed at how far they have come in 3 days.

For more background have a look at here http://craftingtype.com/
To sign up : https://www.tug.org/craftingtype/register-2014-01-sf.html

If anyone has questions please ask!

We are very grateful to FontShop for hosting us!


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