A Similar Script Font to These

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The Text – Regal Apparel.

What im looking for – A Script/Handwritten font

Something with some solidity – ‘Regal’ is going to be printed on tshirts so preferably not a super thin fine font.
I have really liked some fonts but the g looks very like a q. E.G. (Society Editor - Like it a lot except for the g!! http://origin2.myfonts.net/b_91/u/ff/8928a201203d815107ef242b03d73b.gif)

Some fonts I like and why

YMA Italic - http://origin2.myfonts.net/e_91/u/bb/2c1ba5f86e7ba014ed5d9797a1cbfb.gif
Really like how the tail of the g is a sort of underline.

Stainy - http://www.dafont.com/stainy.font?text=Regal+Apparel
Love how the R is recognizable and could be used as standalone R representing the brand. – the g looks very much like a q though!

Another font I’d come across but didn’t seem to stand out enough was
Pheonix Script FLF -http://www.dafont.com/phoenixscriptflf.font?text=Regal+Apparel

I would be hugely grateful if you could point me in the right direction.


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Do you have a sample of a script or hand lettering that you are trying to match?
Otherwise you might ask for font suggestions in http://typophile.com/forum/4

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