Identity for a Design & Strategy Consulting firm

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Would love to hear some feedback from experts & general, trying to build a visual identity for a new business venture, The key tags being: Simple, Classy & unique

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I'd say it's too playful and cutesy and as such more fit, say, for a craftwoman's blog than a "strategy consulting". Also with its fancy glyph shapes it doesn't have a "simple" vibe to it. In other words it *is* unique though, but I'm afraid it's neither simple nor classy.

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looks like serifs have been randomly hacked off. Not sure what that really communicates...

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Thanks @apankrat & @Special-k, the default typeface / Cypher is blunt, but wit the added kerning I looks more broken. I assumed the rhythm of the terminals would come off as balanced,..atleast for "Good".
Will work over it again

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