Can I post a tutorial here?

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Hello ask for help
Can I post a design tutorial about how to design a packaging box with handholds. And this tutorial has images and videos.
Thanks a lot.

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Although you do raise an interesting question, this forum is for the design of letter shapes.

Perhaps offer the dieline design over at thedieline dot com, or to some such similar forum.

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Is this forum just for design of letter shapes? In my experience it has generally been used for all sorts of typographic design in addition to type design. Which is not to say that packaging dielines are necessarily suitable.

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typographic design in addition to type design

Ya, that too ...and what is design of letter shapes if not type design? Is not type design the design of letter shapes?

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April, I'd suggest you post the tutorial in a more suitable forum or on a private web page. And then post a link here if you think folks would be interested.

However I suspect this account may turn out to be a spammer. Someone in China named "April" who's photo is a common web image and who's very first post is a request to post off-topic material?

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