Using Fraktur k as model for upside down k

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In another thread John Savard said "might be pressure to also change the lowercase and uppercase forms of the letter "K"..." and I suggested "Or they could re-introduce the Fraktur k -- which looks upside down. ..."
Not really appropriate for the other thread.

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Of course, my intention should have been obvious to long-time Typophile participants.

The ClearType font was designed to reduce ambiguity... and that related to the issue of designing typefaces to help dyslexics, which has been referenced in a number of threads. And since I suggested modifying the alphabet as a way to deal with that... referring to an occasional visitor here who says that the letter K needs to be re-shaped because of Hindu sacred history seemed obvious as well.

I regret that my attempt to lighten the discussion caused disappointment and/or distress to the thread originator.

As to the topic of this thread: I don't think that turning a Fraktur k upside down will produce a useful alternative k. As I noted, when I found what was meant by a "Fraktur k", it was clear that it was built from elements of a right-side-up t and a right-side-up l.

So turning it upside down would produce something that looked obviously like an upside down letter. Of course, one could turn the general shape upside down, and redo the serifs from scratch.

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