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Hey everyone. Sorry about the subject title...needed something to lure you in :D

Anyways, I posted a similar thread in this forum called Kill this layout! (Are we seeing a pattern here?), wherein I have a selection of layout ideas that I have presented for lambasting by Typophile frequenters, e.g. hrant, Birdseeding, sanderpe.

15 weeks on, I have boiled down the best of those ideas, argued constructively with the powers-that-be for a decent budget for fonts, and tried to learn how to do Illustrator, to come up with this.

Typefaces are Coranto 2 and Flama, and I'm planning on having Acta (and possibly Acto) and Meta Serif on the Features section. Nameplate is custom-made based on Coranto 2 and Flama. Icon is a close-up of the Prometheus statue in Rockefeller Center. Prometheus is the bringer of fire in Greek mythology, I'll have you know.

There. Now, thoughts?

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Well that sucked. How about this?

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