fontforge and truetype line spacing


I'm trying to find any 'to the point' info of adjusting line space of a font in FontForge. I only need to do this for a few fonts for a gaming project being developed in Unity (3D). If anyone has a good link or short answer, it would be very appreciated. Not looking to become a font editor, just need to accomplish this one task.

I have done searches, so please don't think I haven't tried...finding a clear answer has been quite the challenge. The fonts in question are TrueType and nothing on the exotic or wild side of life. Unity just doesn't handle fonts as well as it does 3D development, so I need to edit the font line spacing within the font as a tool for doing so in Unity doesn't exist.


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This article should help. Especially read the notes in the link at the very bottom. It is excellent.

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