Research on Laszlo Moholy Nagy

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i need some help that topic.... do u know... where i can find some of Moholy-Nagy advertisement samples....

and what are some of the typefaces that have the Bauhaus look,,,...

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The Foundry has a few collections that they call Architype that I'm thinking about. Especially the Bayer Architype obviously.

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A google search shows at least 10 pages of potential links.

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i tried google...... and i can't find any ad sample that he did.....

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How about this book: Montage and Modern Life: 1919-1942 edited by Matthew Teitelbaum (MIT Press, 1992)

Miss Tiffany's picture There are some samples on the site. It also lists where the archives can be found as well as a contact in regards to archives and research.

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And it's a very nice site too.

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