1959 Album Cover Fonts

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I need ID on both of these fonts. The "Hank Thompson" font and the "Songs for Rounders" font.

As for the third, I am guessing the stylized "S" is hand drawn, maybe?

THANKS as always...


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"HANK THOMPSON": Clarendon Light

PS: and yes, /S looks custom/hand drawn to me

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Quite a few Victorian fonts used ball & monkey-tail ornaments. Sometimes the ball was hung close to the terminal, like the one used on your S. Other times the tail was extended to cross the diagonal. Very few are digitized.
Font Mesa's Livery Stable
has an S with the tail and ball in a similar position to your S. The Victorian font, known as Glyptic, was designed by Herman Ihlengerg. Later also sold under the name Morgan TwentyNine. Digital under this name by FontShop 1999. Don't know where you could get a legitimate copy.
For a ball hung by a tail to below the diagonal see Campanille [not the Bodoni one] at http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/forum/case/76375/.

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Hi guys,

Re: Don's comment about "Morgan Twenty Nine" and not knowing where to get a legitimate copy - well, as I recall it was at one time retailed by OPTI Fonts who folded in 2005.

EDIT: part of original comment redacted by Doghouse

O.K. Right!

Now, since these fonts are no longer available for sale, it seems they have become widely regarded as "abandoned" or "orphaned" fonts.

Does that make them legitimate?

I'm not so sure, it's a bit of an odd one!

This "Typophile thread" about Castcraft doesn't make the legal side too clear and it's a mash up of the info available on the Luc Devroye site.


Maybe someone can take the time to enlighten (me) us with the legal aspects of this sort of stuff.

Note: I'm not advocating font piracy - please advise.


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I didn't mention OPTI's Morgan TwentyNine because of the legitimacy issue. I recall the alt.binaries.fonts discussions of OPTI fonts. My conclusion is that any commercial use would be very questionable. Thus I did not include a link to the OPTI font archive.
OPTI was a notorious font piracy operation, but it did produce some original fonts. OPTI's Morgan TwentyNine could perhaps be original.
The issue of commercial use orphan fonts, as far as I know, has not yet been ruled on by the courts in the US or elsewhere. In any event, it's not smart business practice to risk being the subject of a test case.
Given the aggressive methods of intellectual property interests, I would not put it past them to come down like a ton of bricks on an individual who uses an orphan font, even where the individual does not make a financial gain from using the font.

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Thanks for taking the time to comment on my legal question Don, and as I noted previously - I would certainly not want advocate any form of font piracy.

I simply mentioned OPTIFonts due to the fact that theirs was the only "legitimate" version of Morgan Twenty Nine that I was aware of. Although much of their catalogue is nowadays often regarded as "bootleg typefaces" I know a great many design studios and reprographic companies who legitimately paid the full price, in good faith, for Castcraft's complete library of OPTI CDROMs.

Consequently, it appears anyone who now searches for OPTI fonts is bound to turn up the same references that I did. That in turn leads us into the murky world of flakey copies, available under the decidedly dodgy banner of "abandoned" and "orphan" fonts, and all that may entail. I was just seeking some clarification on the copyright issues etc., as the original vendor company is no longer in existence.

So that's clear - just say NO kids!

I will edit my previous comment to suit.



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