30's or before fonts

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Found on a paper dated 1939, but it could of course be older.
tried whatthefont and such without luck.
Similar fonts would also be appreciated!!


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Don't know the precise font, but I can give you a font with the extended diagonals on the M -- which was a lettering feature by Ozwald Cooper and others circa 1920.
Packard New Style:
which is a smoothed version of Cooper's original Packard:
Also Packard Patrician NF:

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Another similar you may like: Atelier Sans ITC by Nick Curtis

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If you know how to modify fonts you could use Sackers Gothic Std Heavy
as a base to replicate the letters.


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This /M reminds me of Albertus. Some more I like but would need to be customized: Bolyar FM, Goudy Sans ITC, Petit Serif NP, Grant Avenue, Elan ITC

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Here's an interesting substitute:

Camera Bold by Ryoichi Tsunekawa
Good assortment of other letters in somewhat similar style to R and M.

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Thanks for all the input.
Guess not all fonts have made it into the digital world.
Hope I'll get around to making an modified version of one of the above.
It should sit fine on the beer label.

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