Help! My Serpentine is Broken!

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Hehehehe... seriously. I have a font I bought months ago from SOMEWHERE (somewhere linked from or some other font site, perhaps the direct publisher) called "Serpentine Light" that I use all the time as it's a good small font with crisp letters- good for web graphics. I had to reload my PC at HOME however, and I was copying over all my fonts from my work machine, and I got an error when i got to good ol' Serpentine that "the font cannot be installed and might be damaged". Weird. So I copied JUST THAT .TTF file to a disc, brought it home- same problem.

Not remembering just where I may have purchased it (it's just in my Fonts folder by this time and has been for months and months), and baffled as to why it would not install when I'M RUNNING THE FONT AT WORK EVERY DAY. Grrr. I found the font on a free font site, downloaded it, and got the same error!

I've tried actually using the "Install new Font" command from Fonts in the Control Panel, as well as just copying the TTF to the Fonts directory in WinXP with no luck. Any ideas why WinXP is choking on just this single font out of the almost 900 I have installed?

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