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I'm trying to figure out what serif font Roots is using in their Holiday Gift Guide 2013 flyer. It seems like the typeface has some slight roughness/degradation but I'm not sure if this is because of the paper used. The uppercase 'P' also is similar to Palatino in that it does not touch. Can anyone figure this out or let me know which typeface might be close?

IM Fell English Roman
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Very Garamond. Some sort of roughened version of Janson actually. Some in the same vein: Old Claude LP, 1592 Garamond GLC, Regula STF, Celestia Antiqua MVB

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Stempel Garamond is the basis for the font.

It is quite rough, and it appears to me that someone has digitized a metal specimen and did little-to-no cleanup on the outlines, but at least they did do kerning.

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Thank for your help guys. That looks like the one akira1975!

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