plays and players sample (1973)

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Any clues as the the provenance of this extended sans? From the cover of a London Theatre magazine

many thanks!

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It looks like an extended version of Folio

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It does indeed! Many thanks… only problem is finding a digital version of folio extended…

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If you follow the link I gave you above, you can see there was a digital version of Folio Extended by Berthold (1992):
Folio BQ Medium Extended
Folio BQ Bold Extended
I don't know why Berthold decided to drop the font from their official catalog (probably they don't have a distribution license anymore or they never did).
If you just want to test & inspect the specimen you can Google "Folio BQ Medium Extended" and I'm sure you can find some illegitimate site to acquire the Berthold's digital version, but if you need this for a commercial project I really don't know of a legitimate source to acquire it.

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Good tip :)

Would be amazing if same applied to Medium extended too...

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A previous discussion of Folio Extended:

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