TransType Pro to be announced at ATypI

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Fontlab Ltd. will announce and demonstrate the third version of their font conversion program, TransType, at the ATypI convention in Vancouver.

TransType Pro, as this version will be called, will be the first font utility to offer full conversion of TrueType and Type 1 fonts into OpenType format (and vice versa). Further, it will be two-byte font compatible, meaning that large fonts of up to 65,000 characters will be convertible with this version of the program.

TransType Pro will be available for both Macintosh and Windows platforms and final release is anticipated late this year. The price of the new program will be US $149.00, but current users of TransType 2 will be able to upgrade for a substantial discount. However, because all users may not need the power of TRPro, it will not replace TR2. Both products will remain on the market and continue to be supported and updated.

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