Identify this old-looking font on a plaque?

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Hi Everyone,

I have this old plaque and I love the typeface that is used on it, but I have no idea what it is. If you could help me identify it I would really appreciate it.

Thanks :)

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There is a font matching your sample called Argos George (FontShop, 1999) but I cant find it anymore in FontShop's fonts.
The copyright says "Copyright (c) FontShop, 1999. All rights reserved. Designed by G. Lemmen in the beginning of the century"

Luc Devroye's info on Georges Lemmen:

Belgian who worked with Henry Van de Velde. He was born in 1865 in Schaerbeek, and worked as a painter and designer. He died in 1916 in Ukkel. Creator of Argos (1908, W. Drugulin, an art nouveau alphabet).

For a free digital version, see Rick Mueller's Argos. For a commercial digital version, see David Nalle's Bucephalus (1993). Dan Solo calls it Argos George. Berthold AG's phototype collection has it as Georges Lemon. However, the original name, according to Klingspor, is George-Lemmen-Schrift.

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fvilanakis, that's awesome! I always love knowing the history of a typeface. I had to Google "Argos" to get a free version, because the one on that page you linked to wasn't any good, but it is almost exactly the same.

Thank you :)

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