(x) Kreissparkasse - Sparkasse {Heinrich}

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probably an easy one, looks a bit like Frutiger, but then again ...


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Hmmm, not so easy for me, I must admit. It's an interesting challenge. I'll get back to you later on for this one (unless Stephen has to go to the bathroom...). =D

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Could be a custom logo. The slight curves in both uc and lc "k" are bugging me.

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hi guys

so it's not that easy after all, eh? thanks a lot for your efforts so far!
right on yves, the thing is in fact part of a logo that i have to work with. there are certain reasons though, why i cannot ask the client about it. i was also thinking it might be a custom job. not sure if the client would endulge in such efforts though.
stephen, your suggestions are very close indeed, but not it, i'm afraid. could in fact be a modification of Fago Office. nice font btw!


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Funny, Stephen and Yves: Corpid and Fago has been the first families who came to my mind before my lunch (french cheeses and Italian ham and tomatoes more important than not perfect answer here, no?), and the s came from Bliss.

so, yes, pure modification!

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this is the new type for sparkasse (german bank)
from daltonmaag.


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heinrich, vielen dank für die info!

this must be fairly new. the last job i did for them is about three months back and i had to use Helvetica for it. this new font is much better!

thanks a million for everybody's help on this!

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It's so close to Corpid Office I can taste it. Is this from a street sign, Simon?

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