Replacing Utopia in the masthead of a newspaper?

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Hi guys,

I have been working as the creative director of magazines (having recently joined a large magazine that comes as a supplement in a newspaper) for the past three years. I have just been promoted to creative director of the entire newspaper, which includes its broadsheet, a supplement and a separate magazine supplement that I have been creative director of.

As such, given my experience with magazines, a newspaper is quite the change. I recently redesigned the magazine as creative director of that, and that is the reason I have been promoted essentially.

That's just some background. We are purchasing Type Together's Coranto 2 and LFT Etica as a serif-sans pair, but everyone seems to want to keep the masthead font, which is set in Utopia Display. I think it is really quite poor, but then that is probably because most mastheads on newspapers are essentially custom variations of fonts. But Utopia is not a font I like anyway, and it does look desperately generic. It just doesn't look nice.

Are there any fonts similar to Utopia, but with a bit of flare and originality (I know this is an oxymoron given I'm not a fan of Utopia) that could go and replace the masthead font? Or does anyone have any suggestions for one? It has to stay serif.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!


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All caps?

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The current masthead is not all caps, and it's just standard Utopia Display. However, I wouldn't mind selecting a similar font in its semibold weight, but Utopia's semibold is too heavy for me.

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How about Kepler? It is similar to Utopia but more refined, and the display cut seems to have a "classical", timeless newspaper feel.

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Convert the existing masthead to outlines and carefully add some weight? Or hire a logo designer, or type designer, to tweak the masthead? 'm sure TypeTogether could do something nice. Or hire somebody else.

BTW, here is what I think is a good example from my own work of tweaking a font into a logo, where I started with TypeTogether's Adelle: (start about halfway down to see where things start to get some direction and come together).

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