Bauhaus-style geometric sans from 1970's

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The attached image is my own rough rendering of some text I am trying to match. I traced this as the source image was not good enough for ID purposes. I'd like to track down the name of the original typeface - after endless searching it appears there is no modern, digital version of this.

It shares properties with other Bauhaus-style geometric sans serif display faces, such as ITC Bauhaus, Blippo, Ronda etc. It comes closest to Harry from Red Rooster (but with ITC Bauhaus-style M and N) or Linotype Horatio (again with different M N R). Perhaps the original was one of the aforementioned, but using alternates not carried over into the digital version?

Help with original name, designer or foundry welcome.

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Bumping. Is there no one with any 1970's specimen books or ideas on this?

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Given the lack of responses I'm guessing those of you who took a stab at this ended up as confused as I was - but I think I've actually located it!

This appears to be Blippo Bold, a somewhat rare weight of this iconic typeface, but take a look at the specimen over at the Bowfin Printworks Bauhaus pages. As noted on that page, and in a previous thread here and also here, there is a modern digitization from FontBank called Brandish (though I can't find a licensed, paid version of this for sale anywhere).

Brandish does not include the regular S, only the alternate, which is disappointing. And regarding the difference in the R (my rendering had a rounded top corner on the stem) - that is probably my mistake in interpreting the low resolution, distorted sample I had.

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