Color correcting stations and the lightbulbs they have...

Greetings good people...
Looking to replace some bulbs at a workstation and I haven't a clue where to get the bulbs. Currently using Cool White Florescent bulbs, but I'd like to use bulbs meant for color correction. Does anyone have experience with these? Brands? Suppliers? Amazon?

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If you have a manual for your lightbox, check it first to see if it lists a specific bulb. After that, Google is your friend.
This link might be helpful even if you're not using that specific product.

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I'd like to use bulbs meant for color correction.

The standard is around 5000 K, depending on who's talking.

Here's the problem with the standard: It is a color temperature almost never found where any normal person will be looking at the picture. What we use for evaluation at our shop is around 3,200 K, and we also control the lumens, which matters as well. And for b&w as well as color.

Personally, I like to use three sources: a warm light about 2,700K (similar to an incandescent desk or floor lamp), an intermediate source, around 3,300K and a little brighter, and the 5,200K "standard." The image needs to look OK under all three, but if I'm going to shade it, I'll ignore the 5200K, on the grounds that almost no one reads books outside, under a reflected north-source light.

What's "right" is all about how something is viewed. If you know an image will hang in a museum with 5200K lighting, that's one thing -- but let me tell you, an awful lot of museums don't have, effectively, 5200K lighting.

Use three sources, with a light intensity that would be considered "normal" for a person viewing the image -- you'll be amazed at how your work improves.

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You guys rock so hard! Thanks. It's a fair point: to use different sources of light.

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