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This is only tangentially related to visual design, but
you're the best audience I know...

Working on a project incorporating contextual audio help.

A) What sites use audio for navigation assistance or as a
guide through complex processes?

B) What sites do a good job with audio for entertainment as
part of a broader site experience?


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the website for skam records: uses some automated-voice audio to complement its navigation. personally i think this site is real neat (although far from intuitive, especially since they added that thing that looks like dried figs(?)). the fact that it's in flash does a few things, 1) make it inaccessible to those with disabilities (and in fact there's some "braille" graphics on there that are just silly for a blind person to whom they're useless) 2) allows the designer to implement interesting layered audio on a web at tiny file sizes, the handy thing (you may know already) with flash/audio being you can make even a tiny invisble swf and stick it somewhere on your page, and flash compresses and exports .wav files as mp3 which is very cool. the site also has other environmental audio (which does not turn on and off) which imo is gentle and restrained, as well as more ok than some seeing as it's a music label site.

also, germane but not exactly related to your questions is this article i just found on "voice font" technology:; since css 2 allows us to make aural styles ( for those using speech synthesizers i guess these are being called aural or voice "fonts" ... interesting.

hope this was remotely useful.

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One of the best uses of Flash I've seen.
It's in Portuguese though, so some of you might not understand it very well.

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A) None that I've noticed. :-(

In fact the best site in the world.


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