(x) HollandGothic? - Fleischmann {fRED, Jan}

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Anyone know if a digital version of this BlackLetter face exists anywhere? This sample was xeroxed out of an old type book by a client of mine who wants to use it for a project. Any help would be appreciated!



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sorry i don't know if there is any digital version of this font, but search for fleischmann-gotisch its made by fleischmann for d.stempel ag ca. 1750

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Fleischmann it is, but I'm not so sure about Stempel. He worked for Ensched

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Ladies and gents, please welcome Mr. Jan Middendorp, editor and designer of the recently defunct Druk, the quarterly magazine of FontShop Benelux, my previous employer.

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Thanks for your help you guys!

That Blackletter resource [http://www.romana-hamburg.de/fraktur1.htm] is amazing - is it actually a type foundry? Any other unique BlackLetter links I should know about?

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Hi Stephen, hi Yves, hi all,
It's an honour to be welcomed by such harmonious flourish of trumpets.
The Druk story is kinda off-topic here, but let's say that all parties decided that it was time for something new, and one party (guess who) that it was time for something less expensive. I'm now thinking about an English-language anthology of 4 years of Druk. I may have a publisher for it, I only need a volunteer with impeccable English to edit the text....

Any luck with the Fleischmann, Dave?

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Dave, I cross-posted my question. Glad to see you're happy.

>Any other unique BlackLetter links I should know about?

John Butler's Eccentrifuge Blackletter Directory is the place to be:


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Luc Devroye categorizes all things font related:



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I'd like to add that it's good to see you here, Jan.
I was there for your presentation at TypeCon2002
and enjoyed it very much. I hope you stick around.

What happened to Druk!? I was just about to subscribe!

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