The the in the medicine shoppe

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is it me or is this T really intruding on the h's personal space? i pass by this sign almost every day.


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I suppose you'd have to ask the h about that. It certainly has an organic/biological feel to it.


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Playing doctor?

Not entirely in love with the mortar and pestle, either.

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Andrea, that's too funny.
The Discovery Channel should use that.


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haha, for what??! obscene type behavior in the wild?

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I guess that was just foreplay.


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on "obscene type behavior" take a look at this little oddity (picked this up looking for infor on historical grid-like systems in letterform alignments - really)

About mid way through is an interesting look at the "organic/biologic" aspects on the ligs of Mrs Eaves.

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gill fooled around with dogs??!! haha holy ••••. like that's not going to stick in my head, kind of like how i can't forget how wc williams had satyriasis.

(am i going to get kicked off this forum? or is gerald?)

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Looks like someone got too excited about Bookman Swash.

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