Hinting in Fontographer 4

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I saw on a post somewhere else on these boards that the auto hinting in Fontographer 4 is flawed. Can anyone tell me more? I don

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See the message of Peter Bruhn on Technical Issues & Techniques / Type design process.

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Thanks. The fontlab link 404s but its fine as a google translation. Cheers...

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Here's the link Peter Bruhn provided to David Lemon's article on hinting:


It's also available in html fomat, thanks to Google.com:


I have also come across this article, "Hints on Hinting in Fontographer" on Macromedia's site:


And then, there is this rather useful basic tutorial on font design, including manual hinting, from [Divide By Zero]:



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I had that problem with it this morning too, but it worked fine when Peter posted it. Odd. That's how I happened upon the Google translation, actually.

Anyway, I hope these help. I'm trying to figure out hinting as well. :)


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