Dream speakers?

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If you were thinking about attending a typography conference, who would you be most thrilled to see on the speaker list? Who have you always wanted to meet at such an event, or hear speak about his/her work or another typographic topic?

This is not an entirely hypothetical question, so please limit your 'dream speaker' choices to the living.

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> please limit your 'dream speaker' choices to the living.

Oh. That's much harder...

OK, what about these (for now):
Andre Gurtler (on his work with South American scripts)
Gerald Giampa (on whatever)
Dwiggins... oh, sorry.
Frantisek Storm (on national type design)
Unger (on newspaper type design specifically, please)
Peter Bilak (on the making of Fedra-Greek)


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Fernand Baudin
Herman Zapf
Robin Kinross (legibility of text layout, book typography)
Matthieu Lommen (on Dutch typography)
HDL Verlviet (on Granjon)
Nicolas Barker (Comparison of Italics Alde, Garamond, Granjon) or (on John Dreyfus)
Giorgio Montecchi (on Incunable layouts)
Shelley Gruendler (on Beatrice Warde)
Tiffany Wardle (on Garaldes or Dwiggins)
Paul Marie Grinevald (on Grecs du Roi)

on not particular order

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Jean Fran

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Hum, oh yeah.
In fact, I suggested her name to the organizer, so I'm happy that she will appear there.

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[so, i guess this means that i need to send in my proposal for atypi vancouver?]

Well, you could deliver it by hand :-)

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Michael Harvey... I'd like to hear him talk about inscriptions, calligraphy, lettering and type design, or even do a workshop (in Vancouver! I think that's what you're getting at, John? Could you invite him?).

Akira Kobayashi... has he designed any Japanese typefaces? I'd like him to talk about the new Optima he's working on with Hermann Zapf. And of course, I'd like to hear Mr. Zapf too.

Gerrit Noordzij... on graphology vs. type design.

Matthew Carter... on his work.

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I know this may seem a bit odd, but Dave McKean could be interesting.

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Doesn't sound odd at all

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>RenZ<caron> Knip
His name got garbled (U PC, we Mac?) but Rene Knip is an interesting suggestion. The man is in fact a type designer but he does not only design the outlines, also the material, colour, etc. He's now working on a street name project for a new district of Amsterdam.
How did you come across him?

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No. I'm Mac. Hmmm. But I am completely at the will of this machine as far as how you see what I send. Is there a better way to set up my prefs?

Rene Knip's work was introduced to me through an extremely memorable lecture given by Gerard Unger at Reading. He showed slides and slides of Rene's work and I became increasing intrested. I've only be able to find one english article about him and it was too short (Graphis).

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thanks for the mention guys - i hope that my presentation will live up to the expectations! i'll probably be lecturing on beatrice warde for the next few years anyway - atleast until the book comes out.
[so, i guess this means that i need to send in my proposal for atypi vancouver?]

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