Stylistic set alternate ligatures

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Hi all,

I've created a three weight font and it's pretty much done.

Unfortunately, I added an extra glyph, f.salt. Since I've done that, I've realised that I need to create alternate ligatures, ie fi, ffi, fl etc.

I've decided to create a stylistic set for the alternate f. I can get the alternate f working when I check it in various programs using the stylistic set, but can't figure out how to get the stylistic set to use the alternate ligatures rather than the standard ligatures.

This bit of my code works

feature ss02 {
sub f by f.alt;
} ss02;

Then I've tried to add this in but no matter where I add it, in the SS or the liga feature, it doesn't take effect (I've only done fi as the test so far)

feature liga {
sub f.alt i by fi.alt;
} liga;

If you have any thoughts that would help I'd be greatly appreciative.

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