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I'm designing for a new project, for the job I am using Korolev Compressed Caps (display) and I really wanted to pair this with Mrs Eaves (both display and text) – as has been discussed on here before Mrs Eaves, is quite badly spaced and has quite a small x-height so is really not ideal for body copy. I cannot really use 3 typefaces (including 2 serifs) so I'm looking for something to replace Mrs Eaves that will work both for display and body.

I really like the lyrical quality of Mrs Eaves (particularly at display sizes), Baskerville is possible but looks a bit 'Didone' to me. Hoefler Text is another possibility, just wondered if anyone had any other suggestions…

Thanks in advance.

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Try setting a page in 8 to 12 point script and you will see that most scripts are painful to try and read at that scale. Usually the x-height is low so you will have a hard time deciphering the letters. Mrs. Eaves may be lyrical, but its too complex for small sizes and extended reading. Scripts with large x heights are often clunky and boring. For body text you should use a simplified script that still has some grace. You could look for a Goldilocks script that is neither too formal -- Edwardian Script etc. -- or too casual -- aunt Emma's chicken scratches. Some of older scripts such as Middleton's Coronet are worth considering. But this is just a personal opinion.

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Probably short in the lyrical quality department, but perhaps a script like DonScript [not published] meets the legibility test and is in the Goldilocks zone.

DonScript is an attempt to recreate the writing of a person who strives for good handwriting without aspiring to be a calligrapher. It's based on my distant memories of doing such writing, adjusted to reflect the Palmer system of business penmanship. Perhaps readability of extended texts in scripts is improved by avoiding absolute regularity of letter heights and having some variation in the slope of ascenders and descenders. I trust that you could find commercially available scripts that would be similarly effective or superior for extended readability.

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