Used in Chris Ware's Acme Novelty Library, could be baskerville or times style fonts

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I am searching for some information on Chris Ware's book Acme Novelty Library for a dissertation. Those photos came from fake old style newspaper pages.

I choose serif in the classification, but I am also searching for the sans-serif font, use to highlight some words.
For the serif I think this is very close to the baskerville font, but some details are different.

And sorry for the photographies quality, it's an old digital device... :s
Sorry if my english is too bad.

Century Schoolbook, Benton Sans Bold
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You could try Benton Sans Bold for the sans-serif, and for the serif, take a look at Century Schoolbook. The Monotype version (linked) is probably the best match from what I can tell, though other foundries (Adobe, Bitstream, ITC) have renditions also worth checking.

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