Seeking opinions (second try in posing)

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illustrator work, worth finishing ?


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oh yeah!
love the "Q" and the lowercase k.
lowercase a needs some work imo. I'd love to see this with extra weight.
maybe at smaller res next upload? ;)


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now, you could just move to fog or fl and refine the characters, like a, g, s.

it looks nice.

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> worth finishing ?


UC: the "G" needs a serif inside. The "Q" is great. The "Y" needs work.

lc: I don't like the "a". Maybe cut the "f" at the top of the arc. Move the bottom of the "g" to the right. The "j" needs a serif. The "k" is great. Superb "q". Not sure about the "r". The "y" needs a serif. The "z" is leaning.

Numerals: Have a smaller set[ too].

There's something fundamentally wrong about the italics.

Peculiars: I like the first eszet and the first percent (great!) but not the first brackets.

Make three weights, one an Ultra.


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Very nice work, I like the "k"
Try to shorten the bottom-serif of "K" and "R".
Do you pan to make medieval ?


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A few fixes after taking note of observations


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i think you should try another lc "g"

About the "r"s y preffer the first one

on your lc "a" you have a problem with your upper serif. aswell as in the leg of your uc "R" and in the question mark "?"

your lc "s" is too heavy on top

on th bottom of your lc "a" and "d" you should add a serif as in your lc "u"

nice start though


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starting to look really nice.

I like the new solution on the "a" but the serif seems heavy (maybe its just the gif),
also what about pulling it a bit to the right so its not hanging so much?

Like Cristian said, the "g" looks out of place. Maybe its because the lower counter
looks like it should be the top counter?

I prefer the 1st "G" because its the simplist.
That "Q" is still kickin @

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UC: I like the 1st "G". The "L" is too wide for good spacing.

lc: The "a" is worse :-( The "f" is great, but not the "j" or "y". The first "r" is best.

If that's a florin, it should slant. I'm not sure about the asterisk or the quotes. I like the dollar/cent without the serifs. I like the first cedilla, but since you have room in the descender space you could have a deeper one too.

Keep it up!


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The image dump is greatly pixillated, so the image lines are a bit variant in thickness. The lc a is a problem and will have to have another go at it, the florin has not yet had the 12 degree slant put on it, that was on purpose. Will give the 'y' and 'g' half serifs such as in the 'f', that should clear up the problem of current serif looking just like a lump on the end of a line (or even just flare the bottom of the desend) The lc g may need the lower half more rounded to offset problem observed

The'Italic' version that worried you was not intended to be true italic, it was just experimentation to get something better than an oblique, something that was visuably different than the first. I was going to call it the Anglic version.

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Hopefully fixed the minor problems with current characters.


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I really like this too.

The only other suggestion that leaps out at me
is to try pulling in the overhang of the lc "a"
just a bit. As it is, it looks just a bit top-heavy
on the left side.

As for the italics, try more cursive-italic forms,
particularly in the "a" and its related characters
("b", "d'", "g", "p", "q") and also in the "k".

This could be a commercial success,
especially with a full range of weights.
I'd buy it. :-)


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This is a really really great face!

I like the 2nd "a"...the curve seems more fitting in
relation to your other characters.

The lower right serif of the "N" looks awkward.

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Graham, your doing a great job.

That new "a" looks great (the 1st one).
The UC looks good except (imo) for the "S". I know on a grid it is perfect,
but visually the top serif extends a little too far.
Also the "W" might benefit from a slightly extended width.

The lc is looking good except for my little problem with the "s" ;)
I would go with the 2nd "g" in your alternates. It has a nice balance
between both counters. As for the "jy", I think the originals have the
best character, stick with them.

keep it up and you have a winner!


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i like this font, very clean.

i think the

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thanks Heinrich! thats what I meant about the serifs ;)

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Sorry for lack of response, but having great problems in entering typophile site. This is first time in five days I have managed to.

The 'a' and 's' problem is currently fixed and overhang reduced. the 'j' and 'y' will be the two with half serifs on lower. I find the current ones too strong. Will look at the uc 'S'.

This will happen later as medical problems entail a visit to the hospital for some surgery. Recovery will be a pleasure, as need some rest badly.

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Full basic set, still in Illustrator. Some centering still needed in some sections, but will wait until in type program.


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