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I would like to hear an opinion about a logo that I designed for my laboratory, which is a Physics laboratory in which we use ion beams to analyze materials.
I am not a professional designer, I just like to tinker a bit with graphics, so any suggestion or critic will be appreciated.
By the way I was not appointed to design it, I am just doing it for fun and I will probably not even show it to the director.

The idea of the logo is that a beam of particles, that are represented by the dots, comes from left, passes behind the first letters, and hits the left 'l.' The hit then scatters the particles in other directions. The colors are the colors of the university in which I am working.

Thank you!

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Normally you'd receive more replies, but the website has been difficult to access recently.

I like your concept. You might experiment with making the dots vary in shade (ones on the left light, ones on the right becoming darker) to create a feeling of motion. Don't know if that will help or not, but you might try it.

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i think it's a little bit impersonal. if it's something not to be used on paper i really like animated logos like this one: http://wims.unice.fr/~wims/en_tool~linear~matmult.html (see the hypocycloid on the top left). if it's for particles why don't use something close to an old bubble chamber picture? regards.

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I might heighten the ascenders and 'i' dot to make the space between the dots [vertically] similar to the space between the letters... If that makes sense!


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Franky, that's so beautiful.
How would one get much higher resolution such renderings?


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