DTL OTMaster 3.7 released

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Immediately after its initial release DTL OTMaster (OTM) was hailed as very practical stand-alone application for reviewing and editing tables of fonts with a SFNT file structure. OTM’s big advantage is that it allows editing of tables in a graphical user interface. As Dr. Ken Lunde, Sr. Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems, stated in 2009: ‘As someone who works with OpenType fonts on an every-day basis, and with the tools that are used to build and check them, I would like to state here that DTL OTMaster is a fabulous tool. The best way for me to characterize it is that it gives me the power of some existing command-line tools, wrapped up in nice GUI. It handles CJK fonts well, including those with a large number of glyphs. I especially appreciate that there is a Mac OS X version.

The new OTM edition has version number 3.7, while the previous one was numbered ‘2.4’. In the past two and a half years the functionality of OTM was enhanced and extended, hence the ascending numbering. The new edition is for that reason a major upgrade, containing a lot of new functionality. From the import/export of Ideographic Variation Sequences (IVS) to the editing of Feature Parameters, and from an autohinter for edited or newly added glyphs to support for COLR+CPAL tables.

Some use OTM for font-spelunking, other use it Open(Type)-heart surgery. Some use it for compiling OpenType Layout features, applying the elegant automatic subsetting, others use it for mark positioning. OTM is the Swiss knife for CFF- and TTF-based OpenType, TrueType, and TTC (TrueType Collection) fonts.

A listing of the new functionality in OTM 3.7 can be found here. DTL OTMaster can be ordered directly here.

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Karsten Lücke updated the DTL OTMaster 3.7 manual. The PDF can be downloaded from here, and the printed edition can be purchased at DTL’s Bookshop, or directly at Lulu.


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