Getting this effect with Type

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Can anyone direct me on how to achieve this kind of wavy/glitched out looking effect with type? I'd greatly appreciate it any info. Thanks!

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Print out a normal copy of whatever it is you want to look 'glitchy'; place it on a flatbed scanner. As the scanner… scans, jostle your print around. Review the output and repeat until you both understand what you're doing and achieve the desired effect.


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I'm sure there's a way to slice up the type in Photoshop or Illustrator, but an old-timer like me would probably do it via a scanner like brockfrench mentions, although I'm not sure that moving the print around during a scan will achieve that effect. Instead I'd slice the print and rearrange the segments before the scan, maybe glueing or taping them to a backing sheet so they stay in place.

It will take some experimentation, and obviously you'll need to do a LOT of cleanup to the scan.

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Take a baking tray or even better a large glass vessel such as a Pyrex tray, paste a print on the bottom (with folds and such), add some clear fluid or oil. Cause some movement bij shaking or stirring the fluid. Photograph. Repeat as often as necessary. Select near perfect print(s). Process image in PhotoShop, maybe combine some images into one.

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I used to do this all the time on a photocopier, exactly as brockfrench suggests. Just move the paper while it's copying/scanning. That's clearly how the example was made, all the telltale signs are there. The squished O, for instance, above the large one, comes from moving the paper up and down such that the top of the O briefly passes the scanning head and then falls behind again.

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