Pretty 1920s large-size, thin display transitional

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Saw this poster at the Rolf de Maré Dance Museum today, and I quite dig the large display serif type in the headline, that is in "Ballets Suèdois". (Not sure about the era classification on this one, the combo of chunky top serifs and variable stress is confusing. None of the more common transitionals, at least, unless it's an unusual cut of one of them.)

Does anyone have an idea what it could be? Digitised, I assume not? Anything close?

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Interesting, but I can't place it offhand.
The upper case _S_and lower case _s_ are unusual enough to be earmarks.
UC _S_ digital fonts include Walbaum [1800].
LC _s_ digital fonts include ITC Clearface [ATF 1907], Cheltenham [1896-1904], Academy [based on Sorbonna, H. Berthold, Berlin, 1905], Gloucester Old Style [based on a design created in 1896 by Bertram G. Goodhue], Filosofia [recent], and Patchouli Display [recent].

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