Type family similar to Futura

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I have a bizarre client who wants a new type family to use across all communications. She likes futura but doesn't want to use it, she wants something like futura. She's a strange lady.

Can anyone recommend a family with range of weights, all with italics and condensed & bold condensed for display? It's a big client so budget isn't a problem.

I like Super Grotesk but no italics unfortunately!

Love to hear some ideas.

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Should also mention I'm considering Gotham and Verlag from H&FJ, to give you an idea of far I'd consider moving away from Futura

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Try Fakt (alternate), comes with condensed weights, too.

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And if it’s for the one-storey a you could also try (the alternate versions of)

Proxima nova
FS Albert

All come with condensed/narrow weights.

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Thanks, Proxima is a good shout, had forgotten about it!

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Avenir – Frutiger’s answer to Futura.

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I just ran across Report School from Typodermic, which seems like it could be an answer.

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don't know about that but you can visit

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