How to Lock Typefaces with FontLab Studio 5 to Prevent Future Editing

Hi there,

I'm a graphic design student and a relatively new user of FontLab Studio 5. I'm currently working on a typeface in Fontlab Studio that I'm hoping to release commercially. A tutor suggested that I should try to see if I can export the final OpenType/TrueType files in a 'locked' format, to prevent others from being able to easily open, edit and rerelease the typeface. However, as a beginner I don't yet know how to do this in FontLab Studio.

Any instructions would be gratefully received,

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Hi Joe, As far as I know having used FontLab for fifteen years - no "locked format" is an option in font generation -

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Your tutor doesn't seem to know much about fonts. It's not possible to "lock" an OpenType or TrueType font the way you describe, no matter what font editor you use. If you make fonts, that's just something you have to accept.

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