Jean Luc Godard typeface

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If I recall correctly Jean Luc Godard's movies used lettering rather than fonts as such.
A fan has made a Jean Luc Godard font based on the lettering in some of his movies:
It's heavier and less rounded than the letters in your image, but has an interesting discussion of the lettering used in the movies.
There are several fonts that resemble the one in your image such as Intertype Vogue, not digitized. I trust that one or more of my colleagues will give you a list of digital fonts similar to your image.

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Don, thank you so much for your insightful reply. Really appreciate it.


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Can't agree more with Don. As alternative, I suggest HI Neutraface 2 Display which looks pretty close in this case.

EDIT: the more I look at it the more I'm questioning about the sample origin because Neutraface 2 looks so close that I could almost state it's a match...

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If the image is from something modern about Godard, then I agree with Ryuk that Neutraface is most likely the match.
Christian Schwartz designed the font for House Industries in 2002. According to a wiki on Richard Neutra
Christian Schwartz based the font on Richard Neutra's architecture and design principles.
Does this mean that the letters were originally designed by Richard Neutra and came to the attention of Jean Luc Godard?
I don't know.
Anyway this is all speculation without knowing the approximate date of the sample.
If the objective is simply to reproduce something like the letters rather than to identify anything specific, then Neutraface works for me.

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I tend to think this sample is recent, simply using a screen capture of one JLG's movie and setting text with Neutraface 2.

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amazing response, thanks to all of you.
first time i used this 'service', won't be the last.

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