Start of a new Display typeface

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Hello all,

I just started working on a new typeface. Working title is "Inky", not so very sure of that name in the first place. I was thinking about the ink splatters/clouds that Cephalopods eject. Some of the shapes used refer to a stylized version of ink blurps so to say.

Anyway, I started with the capitals, see below. The C, G and U might still need a bit of work (or a complete rework maybe). The M and N are quite wide compared to the other letters but I'm unsure right now how to solve that. Quite pleased with how the V and W turned out - although on some points these might stand out a bit.

Comments and suggestions most welcome!

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Check (by setting words with this) whether that structure for /Y/ opens up too much white space between it and subsequent letters or not.

Did you try an /I/ with the heaviest part at the top rather than bottom?

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Thanks Craig, will try the /Y/. Would you suggest using a vertical decender (stem?) for the /Y/ instead?

Interesting suggestion about the /I/ too - I found it a bit inconsistent in relation to the /J/ but at the same time there are many other letters with a top heavy stem, so it should be ok.

bottom-heavy versus top-heavy /I/ (top heavy looks pretty to me)

alternate /Y/ forms:

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Slight update on this one, probably hard to tell but worked on the curves and the contrast:

Thanks for looking!

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