Display made of lines

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Don't remember where I found this, and now I'm looking for a typeface built with lines, even a close alternative would do the trick.



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Branding by Burgess Studio for Haptic Architects. Not sure it has ever been a font, rather a custom logo work. Wasn't able to spot any blocky full-lined font like this one. That'd probably even easier to recreate it by yourself as it's "only" made with lined basic geometric shapes (rectangle, triangle, circle...).
Some lined fonts you may like though: Vibro, Boho A Gogo NF, Dazzle, Pentaprism NF, Stripes, Prisma, Radial LLW Studio Neon SN, Ocean Beach LLW, Churchward Design Lines, Skute YWFT, Nedo

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Thanks Ryuk, you're great !
And you're right, if it's not a font, I'll have to make one.


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