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This is my font. it emulates the effect a router may have on wood. do you have any suggestions?

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My general feeling about it is that it's too restrained. On the other hand, I don't know what effect a router has on wood, so I don't know how faithful a rendering this is. A few specific responses, though:

1. The widths aren't quite consistent. The B, H, and X should be wider; the S should be narrower.

2. It looks like the J and L baselines are lower than the rest. I wouldn't mind if the font overall had more wildness, but if you're going to keep going this direction, I think the baselines should pretty much line up.

3. The 1 looks off compared to the rest of the numerals, plus I think it should be distinguished more from the I.

4. I appreciate the variation in the punctuation, but again, that seems more indicative of a less-restrained font. I think you either need to make them more consistent both with each other and the rest of the font, or you need to let the other characters in the font have more individuality.

5. If you plan on releasing this, you should start thinking about another name for it; House already has a font called Treehouse.

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I am a student and this was the first attempt at a font. The baseline shift on the L and J is intentional. I think because the detail is not here that it does feel like it doesn't work. The consistency not being the same is also intentional. I agree on your comment about the one looking off I will work on that. I will also be posting larger views of the font so the detail can be seen and it may make more sense.


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